The annual ICT4D Conferences have proven to be an invaluable opportunity for NGOs, private sector organizations, universities, governmental agencies and foundations to share their experience in using ICT to increase the impact of development programs and to learn from each other.  In 2016, 715 individuals from 76 countries and 301 private sector and public sector and civil society explored the ways to harness the full power of digital solutions to achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.  Our thanks to Accenture, Catholic Relief Services, Esri, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, iMerit Technology Services, Inmarsat, IS Solutions, Making All Voices Count, Mercy Corps, Microsoft, NetHope, Oxfam, Pandexio, Qualcom Wireless Reach, RTI International, SimbaNet and World Vision for making that possible.

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Simon Karoki

Catholic Relief Servces (CRS)
Senior Micro finance Program officer
Simon is a community microfinance practitioner; he is currently working with Catholic relief services in Kenya program as a senior Microfinance Program officer in charge of SILC Enhancement project funded by Financial Sector Deepening (FSD Kenya. Most recently Simon worked in CRS as Country Program Manager from 2008-2012 in SILC Innovations project which was funded by BMGF ended in 2012. From 2012-2013 he also worked as a Microfinance Manager in SILC PSP Network Strengthening project again funded by (FSD-Kenya). In the current project Simon is spearheading SG 11 research project which is working towards developing tools in four thematic areas-- Design, development and testing of e-recording android based mobile application which will revolutionize record keeping in SGs and linking to Savix for reporting- Develop and test an e-kit SG training guide. This is a video based application which uses clips to deepen SG methodology and e-recording to those who an access the app in the Google play.- Mobile linkages-This is research being arrived out to test channels that can be used by SGs to link to formal financial service providers using mobile technology at cost- Pro poor targeting and outreach. Using ODK data collection tool -The data collected will be able to support CRS in terms of proving what kind of clients its offering services to levels of poverty, gender and age.During his tenure as program manager SILC, Kenya attained the highest number of clients doing SILC under PSP model in CRS Africa with over 220,000 clients, 15 PSP Networks and over 300 PSPs paid by the SGs community members. Simon Successfully managed four partner projects implementing SILC in different regions in Kenya with very positive results .Assuming that a house hold is comprised of 5 members SILC was able to benefit over 1,100,000 beneficiaries. As part of the research team in SILC innovations and sustainability in Africa, CRS was able to write four research papers which were able to demystify PSP business SILC model which is in high demand not only in East Africa but in Africa as a whole. Before joining CRS Simon worked with Swedish Cooperative Centre-Regional office of East Africa as a Microfinance Coordinator and a Business Development officer for 3 years (2005-2007) and facilitated promotion of SGs using VSLA model. (Simon is a Trained VSLA (TOT) specialist, Trained by VSL Associates under Hugh Allen. In practice Simon has trained many upcoming savings groups' upcoming practitioners in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania on VSLA while working with SCC-VI Agroforestry project. Simon is passionate with community work and for every sustainable SG created Simon counts his blessing. His greatest hobby is to promote SGS everywhere and involvement in testing deferent development models that ease the greatest shame associated with poverty and vulnerability in the world. One of Simon greatest achievement is transforming record keeping in Savings groups to move from manual record keeping to digital record keeping through use of e-recording application.