The annual ICT4D Conferences have proven to be an invaluable opportunity for NGOs, private sector organizations, universities, governmental agencies and foundations to share their experience in using ICT to increase the impact of development programs and to learn from each other.  In 2016, 715 individuals from 76 countries and 301 private sector and public sector and civil society explored the ways to harness the full power of digital solutions to achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.  Our thanks to Accenture, Catholic Relief Services, Esri, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, iMerit Technology Services, Inmarsat, IS Solutions, Making All Voices Count, Mercy Corps, Microsoft, NetHope, Oxfam, Pandexio, Qualcom Wireless Reach, RTI International, SimbaNet and World Vision for making that possible.

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Janet Mumo

Kitui Development Centre

Janet Syombua Mumo facilitated the establishment of the Kitui Development Centre (KDC).  This center was registered in December 2001 as a local Non-profit making organization under the NGO coordination act of 1990 to work in Kitui district. In January 2010, KDC received a permit from the NGO coordination board to upscale its services and cover the lower Eastern Province of Kenya. KDC is a capacity building organization which helps the community to help themselves and is involved in rural development activities which are geared towards poverty reduction in the district.  It plays a significant role in the socio-economic development of the project area since its services targets and benefits over 20,000 poor and vulnerable communities.  

Janet facilitated the formation and registration of the Kitui Enterprise Promotion Company (KEP) in 2012. The Kitui Enterprise Promotion Company was incorporated under the companies Act (cap.486) Kenya laws to carry business of manufacturing of non-alcoholic beverages of all descriptions.  It is a for-profit entity currently processing mango juice/concentrate and mango powder for fortification of flour to add nutrition value. The main objective of the Company is to increase incomes from commercialized agricultural value chains to improved livelihoods of small scale farmers in Kitui County by utilizing appropriate technologies, knowledge, skills and abilities. It works in partnership with over 800 farmers, kitui county government, private investors, financial institutions and other likeminded organization

Janet also facilitated formation and registration of the Nguku Producer and Marketing Co-operative Society in 2014, Nzama Cooperative in 2013, the Gisuka Federation in 2013 and the Desert Lilly Women’s Group in 2008:

  • The Nguku Producer and Marketing Co-operative plays a significant role to develop and strengthen exemplary farmer-owned and farmer-managed market structures and systems that support improved and beneficial indigenous poultry farming.  The cooperative catchment areas are Kitui Rural Sub-County and Kitui East Sub-County. Its services targets over 3000 smallholder poultry farmers.
  • The Nzamka Cooperative is an organization of farmers who grow mangoes. It serves 835 farmers from Nzambani, Mulango and Katulani locations. The Cooperative’s main role is to organize and promote the welfare and economic interest of its members through collective marketing of the mangoes
  • Tisuka Federation‘s main role is to build strong people’s institution (women groups), ensure the need based services reach the community and works toward peace, security and justice among the community. It’s services target and benefit over 3500 members who are mostly women and children.
  • The Desert Lilly Women’s Group promotes and supports girl child education, empowers women socially and economically, and advises the women on political issues that affect them. It also addresses emerging issues which affect the girl child education such as HIV/Aids, child pregnancy and marriages, tragedy, children abandonment, neglect and child labor among others. The group targets the women and girl children from poor backgrounds.