The annual ICT4D Conferences have proven to be an invaluable opportunity for NGOs, private sector organizations, universities, governmental agencies and foundations to share their experience in using ICT to increase the impact of development programs and to learn from each other.  In 2016, 715 individuals from 76 countries and 301 private sector and public sector and civil society explored the ways to harness the full power of digital solutions to achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.  Our thanks to Accenture, Catholic Relief Services, Esri, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, iMerit Technology Services, Inmarsat, IS Solutions, Making All Voices Count, Mercy Corps, Microsoft, NetHope, Oxfam, Pandexio, Qualcom Wireless Reach, RTI International, SimbaNet and World Vision for making that possible.

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Dr. Fletcher Tembo

Making All Voices Count
Programme Director: Making All Voices Count: the Grand Challenge for Development
Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
Dr. Fletcher Tembo is Director for the Making All Voices Count Programme, an international initiative that contributes towards effective governance and accountability by enabling citizen engagement and open, responsive government in 12 countries in Africa and Asia. The programme is committed to promoting transparency, fighting corruption, empowering marginalized citizens, and harnessing the power of new technologies to make government more effective and accountable. He has also been Director for the Mwananchi Social Accountability Research and Learning, which started under the Overseas Development Institute's five year, Six African Country Governance and Transparency Fund Programme funded by DFID. Fletcher specializes in using Political Economy Analysis (PEA) approaches to address collective action problems; developing 'fit for purpose' monitoring and evaluation frameworks and developing models of donor support for transparency and accountability initiatives. He has been supporting the Monitoring and Evaluation design and implementation of several programmes in Africa, including the Mozambique Civil Society Support Foundation (MASC), Kenya Drivers of Accountability, and the Zambia Governance Foundation. He is also the Open Government Partnership (OGP) Independent Research Mechanism (IRM) researcher for Malawi and a member of the Political Economy Advisory Group (PEAG) for the Tilitonse Governance Programme in Malawi. In Asia, he has worked on several assignments in Bangladesh and on a number of Japan and Africa initiatives. Furthermore, he has been representing the Overseas Development Institute at the World Bank's Global Partnership for Social Accountability (GPSA) since its inception, and has participated in analyzing GPSA projects. Prior to working as a full time Research Fellow at ODI in London (from 2006- 2013), Fletcher worked for World Vision International as a Senior Economic Policy Adviser researching and managing advocacy campaigns on aid effectiveness and domestic accountability, using evidence from Africa, Asia and Latin America. He led a number of bilateral and multilateral donor lobbying initiatives around this period.