The annual ICT4D Conferences have proven to be an invaluable opportunity for NGOs, private sector organizations, universities, governmental agencies and foundations to share their experience in using ICT to increase the impact of development programs and to learn from each other.  In 2016, 715 individuals from 76 countries and 301 private sector and public sector and civil society explored the ways to harness the full power of digital solutions to achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.  Our thanks to Accenture, Catholic Relief Services, Esri, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, iMerit Technology Services, Inmarsat, IS Solutions, Making All Voices Count, Mercy Corps, Microsoft, NetHope, Oxfam, Pandexio, Qualcom Wireless Reach, RTI International, SimbaNet and World Vision for making that possible.

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Data for the Community, By the Community: Feedback Loops for Sanitation, Education and Malaria Control
Mobile data collection tools have revolutionized data timeliness, breadth, and quality in less developed countries. But what happens to those data after they are aggregated and analyzed?

In cooperation with government ministries and traditional leaders in Zambia, Akros works to ensure routine surveillance data empower local decision-makers to create lasting changes in their own communities. Our model is driven by stakeholder engagement around localized, real-time, and coherent data collected by volunteers through the DHIS2 mobile-to-web platform. 

These systems have led to real results. In partnership with the Government of Zambia and UNICEF, Akros has trained over 17,000 volunteers to submit community sanitation data through a DHIS2 mobile application. The system relies on unique feedback mechanism such as a dynamic visualizer for traditional leaders; routine supervision from health facility environmental health technicians; and data reviews by local councilmen. After just two years, Zambia has over 2.5 million new users of latrine sanitation and the first open defecation free district in sub-Saharan Africa. 

This dynamic and interactive exhibit displays technology and results of our water and sanitation (CLTS), malaria control (Step D, mSpray), and education (EMIS, SLTS) models. Akros will demonstrate how the feedback loops between national, sub-national and facility level government staff, traditional leaders, and community champions have inspired people to change behaviors. We will also demonstrate the technological foundations (laptops, tablets, smartphones and feature phones) for these routine surveillance systems.

About Akros 
Akros is a cutting edge woman-owned, business that establishes data-driven systems to improve the health and well-being of disadvantaged communities. We pride ourselves in our ground-level knowledge of the health systems where we work, and our ability to provide novel, lasting solutions implemented in developing regions. We use sophisticated tools to collect essential health data and then teach our counterparts how to use that data effectively. Akros works with a broad range of donors, partners and stakeholders across ten countries to pursue this mission.
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